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Hmong "Monkey Gun" Musket Flintlock Rifle, 1800's

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Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Central Highlands, (Red River Delta) Hill Tribes Hmong mountain yard peoples circa 1800s and later. The musket has an octagonal barrel, finely kept stock and a characteristic primitive lock with old monkey talisman twine (talisman not present). Octagonal barrel and numerous brass or copper straps over a light colored wood stock. The lock in typical form with a twine strand that once held a talisman. Size 57 3/4" L, barrel 51 1/2" L

According to the National Museum of the United States Air Force article 579603 available online, it states (The Hmong tribes make up roughly 50 languages and ethnic groups) prior to the Vietnam war in the 1960s the CIA approached the Hmong peoples and recruited them to assist in rescue of downed pilots and injured solders. At the wars end in 1975 the Hmong peoples were attacked by the Communist party and Viet Cong supporters with many being tortured, killed and sent to labor camps. However many survived still and escaped to refugee camps in Thailand with a large group eventually resettled to the United States.

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