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Kirdi Peoples Embossed Iron Shield, 20th c.

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Embossed iron shield of a flat top rounded bottom and numerous embossed lines throughout.

Embossed Kirdi shields are often decorated with intricate patterns and designs that are embossed or raised from the surface. The embossing is achieved by hammering or pressing the iron onto the shield’s surface, creating visually striking and textured designs. The designs on these shields often carry cultural and symbolic meanings. They might depict animals, geometric patterns, or other symbols that are important to the specific Kirdi subgroup using the shield. The embossed ironwork not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the shield but also enhances its defensive capabilities by adding reinforcement to the shield’s structure. These shields serve both utilitarian and ceremonial purposes. In addition to being used for defense in conflicts and battles, they are also used in cultural and ritual contexts. They can be carried by warriors during dances, processions, and other events that celebrate the culture and heritage of the Kirdi people. Size 32 1/2" H x 24 3/4" W

Collected prior to 2008, ex-Lacy Gallery (Vanna & Lee Lacy collection), Los Angeles CA. Lacy Gallery was founded upon six decades of collecting ethnographic and fine art. Lee Lacy was a distinguished Hollywood producer of iconic TV series and commercials.

Condition: Patina and soiling throughout, wear commensurate with age.