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Group of Nine Union & Confederate Patriotic, Civil War Era

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One reading ‘the innocent cause of all the trouble’ with a devil over cotton bail designed and published by Stimson & Co 79 Cedar-street N.Y. Two arms of Arkansas / Arkansas state seal confederate patriotic envelope. One ‘death before dishonor’ confederate patriotic envelope. One (Stat Rights) confederate Patriotic envelope with the palm tree and crescent moon. One (South Carolina Palmetto Flag) reading The Black Flag and the trouble-maker of the Union. We chastised them in 1832 and will finish the punishment in 1861. One Union Patriotic envelope of (Fort Sumter) in vibrant color 1861. One ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ cover in full color, one brightly colored envelope reading ‘To portray the ultimate overthrow of the evil power, which strikes at the life of the National Government, is the object of this cut.’ Size of largest 5 1/2" L

Condition: Soiling creases and staining throughout from age and handling.