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Baule Chieftains Gold Leaf Flywhisk, 20th c.

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West Africa, Ivory Coast / Cote D’Ivoire, Baule peoples 20th century, royal chieftains flywhisk of the Baule peoples a subgroup of the Akan people from Ghana in West Africa. Carved wood with horse hair affixed to the base of a wood handle intricately decorated with beaten gold leaf over delicate geometric patterns of various horizontal and vertical lines in series of bands with a carved face to the base of the handle, and the top a multifaceted designs with palm frond like shape. The Akan and thus Baule inherited their appreciation for court use of fine hammered and gilt, gold leafed, and solid gold court regalia. The flywhisk a traditional and essential component of the Chieftains regalia would be used in funerary processions honoring the deceased ancestors and during court.

Beyond its functional use, the flywhisk carries cultural and symbolic significance. In many African cultures, including the Baule, flywhisks are associated with authority, prestige, and ritual practices. They are often used by chiefs, elders, and other prominent individuals during important ceremonies. Size 20" H, museum quality stand included.

New York Collection

Condition: Overall good condition with minor losses to textile and hair, minor wear to gold leaf.