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Pre-Columbian Textile Belt, Nazca 100-600 CE

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South America, South Coast of Peru, Probably Nazca 100 CE-600 CE Fine ancient pre-Columbian textile belt laid flat and mounted to backing, the textile is thin and dark brown with geometric patterns of zig zags in red, cream, and orange colors.

The Nazca people used various natural materials to create their textiles, including cotton and camelid (llama and alpaca) fibers. They employed a variety of weaving techniques, such as plain weave, tapestry weave, and warp-pile (a type of weaving that creates a raised surface). The textiles served multiple purposes, including clothing, ceremonial garments, burial shrouds, and offerings to deities. Size overall 21" L mounted

Southern California Collection

Condition: As-is condition with fraying and losses throughout.