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Tall Veracruz Ballgame Palma, 450 - 1000CE

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Mexico, Veracruz 450 – 1000CE Tall Pre-Columbian ballgame palma mounted on custom stand carved from natural grey basalt volcanic rock. The back with a slightly curved shape leading up to a wide circular form, the face with a carved recess, and the base with a gentile arch.

So named because of their similarity to palm fronds the Pre-Columbian palma was a Veracruz tool used to protect the Mesoamerican ballgame players vital organs from damage caused by the rubber ball. Palmas which are believed to be specific to Veracruz would be worn slightly away from the chest at their upper most section and affixed at the waist.

For examples of Palma in use see renditions of El Tajin ballcourt temple with the depiction of a sacrificed ballplayer wearing a Palma. 16" H x 7 1/4" W x 5 1/4" L

Ex-Member of the Ethnic Arts Council, Ex-Ron Dammann (Stendahl Galleries)