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Solomon Islands "Barava" Fossilized Shell "Tridacna Gigas" Plaque, 19th-20th c.

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Oceania, Solomon Islands, Melanesian Peoples 19th-20th c. Fine carved marble like ornament from fossilized Giant Clamshell (Tridacna Shell) depicting two figures with arms at their side touching their head and legs to the side with a lar circular base below, to the center a monkey like figure holding an abstract bird or (U) shaped object above his head.

11" H on included custom stand

During the late 19th century a group of fine shell were discovered and being used to carve exceptional marble like plaques, their source only known to the small contingent of Melanesian carvers that worked the pieces. The shell which were in turn worn as symbols of status and power were also left at the entrances of structures to emphasize their symbolic meanings, the various examples all of which had exacting monetary values.

Collected prior to 2008, ex-Lacy Gallery (Vanna & Lee Lacy collection), Los Angeles CA. Lacy Gallery was founded upon six decades of collecting ethnographic and fine art. Lee Lacy was a distinguished Hollywood producer of iconic TV series and commercials.