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Lot 86:

Zuni Silver Buckle & Belt

Effie Calavaza Native American "Zuni" silversmith born 1928 Zuni, New Mexico. Known for her signature depictions of winding snakes around stone. Snakes in Zuni culture symbolize healing and fertility in traditional rituals.

A fine belt and intricate silver buckle in the traditional Zuni Effie C. style with signature (Effie C. post 1970). The primary buckle features a well wound snake wrapped around three turquoise stone and two coral, the background engraved in various traditional symbols that are also prevalent in the remaining silver attache to the belt. There are in addition to the buckle 8 silver plaques affixed to leather belt and one silvered tip cover. 35 1/2" L, buckle size 2 1/4" Artist Effie Calavaza