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Lot 77:

Tibetan Kalachakra Gilt Bronze Statue, 18th C.

Asia, Himalayas, Region of Tibet, 18th century Statue of Kalachakra " Deity and Consort " in gilded bronze with previously painted facial features, red painted hair, and ritually regilded areas. The deity and consort are standing atop two lesser beings and a double lotus base. The consort with four faces and only four arms each holding varied talisman. The deity with four faces and 12 arms to each side holding talismanic objects original to casting of the statue.

Kalachakra which means " Wheel of Time" is a tantric Buddhist deity of four faces, twenty four arms, and two legs. The deity can be male or female and generally represents the ultimate reality of the universe and the nature of the mind. For a similar example in the 18th century see the online archives of The Himalayan Art Resource (item no. 36433). Size 14 1/2" H x 10 " W

Ex-Pasadena private collection, ex-Texas estate

Condition: The reverse an opening, cast with the base in one section, the body of each deity in another and the heads of the deity in separate section, and the hair the deity in a final section.