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Lot 61:

Exceptional White Jade Openwork Sword Scabbard Chape, Han Dynasty 206 BCE-220 CE

China, Han Dynasty probably Western Han 206 BCE-220 CE. Exceptional and semi-translucent jade ‘scabbard chape’ carved in openwork dragon motif from an exception stone of thick white jade. Dragon heavily coiled to the central semi-rectangular motif and with carved fruit bat or animalistic face to the uppermost section, the base pierced with two smaller drilled holes for connection and one larger drill for connection to the scabbard. Scabbard chape would be affixed to the lower most section of the scabbard and examples of heavily decorated jadeite hardstone elements remain where most excavated components have dissolved with time.

3 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W without included stand. Mounted in reverse on stand openwork section can also face outward

For a similar lightly pierced example see The Metropolitan Accession: 1985.214.103