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Spanish Armada Galleon, Victorian Era

Antique and impressive Spanish Armada Galleon of a 60-cannon war ship rendered in wonderful detail. Oversized model rendered with fantastic attention to detail, a tall ship triple mast and multiple flags including a long banded red and white, a stripped blue and white flag, and a red fleur. The ship is a blue, green, and brown with details including lines and intricately carved details of cherubs, swans, and Lamps throughout. The model was likely produced during 1888-1930s for film production and was purportedly used in a early unknown film production. 41 1/2" L x 39" H x 17" W

Beverly Hills Collector 2018-2022, Spanish Arms Collector 2018-1970, Film Production Studio Prior 1970

Condition: Some cannons missing and looseness to pieces and lines overall, some minor paint chips or loss all commensurate with age