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Islamic Bronze Lenger Wash Basin, Anatolian Seljuk Empire 10th-12th C.

Islamic bronze lenger wash basin, Anatolian Seljukian or also known as the Great Seljuk empire 10th-12th c. Large bronze wash basin with incredible patina and carving throughout including characteristic rosette to the center of the basin. The outer most boarder is inscribed in calligraphic text to it’s entirety as well as a central ring around the center which is an intricate geometric pattern of interloping stars and encircling crescent moons in raised copper, with everted rim turned inward.

The Great Seljuk Empire 1039-1140s was a powerful kingdom ruled by former Khazar army Oghuz Turkic warlord Seljuk Beg. Their pivotal role in the First Crusade and Second Crusade was a result of their ability to unit the non-Arab eastern Muslim world be a decisive contribution to each conflict. Size 19 1/2" W x 5" H

prominent 1980s former La Cienega Dealer private collection