Scollard Auctions Long


Lot 166:

Pre-Columbian Colima Hunchback Dwarf

West Mexico, Circa 100 BC – 200 AD. Unusually expressive redware pottery standing female with exposed breasts. She wears a thin belt or loin cloth barely covering her genitals. Plump round body with hunchback, short stubby like arms held in a forward position for either an offering or accepting of a gift. Round full head with coffee bean slit eyes. Size 11" H

ex – Dr. James Tait Goodrich, Grandview-on-Hudson, NY, Arte Primitivo, auction 58, lot 54, ex – private Chicago, Illinois, Collection, ex – private Los Angeles Collection, CA, acquired from Stendahl Gallery 1972, Manella P.C.17

Condition: Mineral deposits on surface, large opening to back of head with two chips to rim and long stable fissure, otherwise overall good condition.