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Lot 157:

Costa Rican Zoomorphic Potosi Applique Incensario, 500 - 1350 CE

Pre-Columbian, Central America, Costa Rica, Potosi Applique 600 – 900 CE. Crocodile effigy incense burner or incensario of large form constructed in two parts with a large conical basin base and similarly shaped lid with a pierced zoomorphic handle on top depicting a highly stylized beast like a crocodile or lizard. The rims of both the base and top are heavily decorated with triangular applique or scale like decoration.

Potosí Applique is a type of two-part ceramic object that was manufactured in the Greater Nicoya region from approximately AD 100-1250. The objects consist of a dish-form base and a tall, generally bell-shaped lid. The applique pellet design varies across the Potosí type, with shapes ranging from spikes, to rounded " lumps ", to raised circular " O " shapes. Potosí Applique was manufactured and used in both the northern (Nicaragua) and southern (Costa Rica) sectors of Greater Nicoya. Size 13 1/2" H x 10 1/2" W

Collected prior to 2008, ex-Lacy Gallery (Vanna & Lee Lacy collection), Los Angeles CA. Lacy Gallery was founded upon six decades of collecting ethnographic and fine art. Lee Lacy was a distinguished Hollywood producer of iconic TV series and commercials.

Condition: As-is condition with multiple losses to creatures on top, large section of top broken and reattached near rim, other cracks, losses and flaws.