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Akan Gold 'Okyeame poma' Linguist Staff, 19th - Early 20th c.

West Africa, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire, Akan cultures, Asante peoples late 19th or early 20th century. Gold leafed linguist staff. Two men at a table resting on Ashanti Royal Thrones with a small table and double gourd bowl between them. One figure is holding both hands to their face in awe or sorrow and the other is dipping their hand into the bowl and in a wide pose clasping what is his. Staff and their finials represent reference to proverbs, this staff depicts a famous proverb known as " The food is for the one who owns it, not for the one who is hungry ". Size 60" H x 8 " W, finial piece 15 1/4" H

For Reference See " Gold of the Akan from the Glassell Collection " pg. 88 full color example.

Family collection of an esteemed diplomat and ambassador amassed during travel and work circa 1960-1990s in the medical field providing charitable advanced medical care throughout the African continent and internationally.

Condition: Losses to gold leaf throughout and is loose and worn.