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Lot 117:

Exceptional Akan Gold Pendant Mask, XRF 18.25k 33g, 19th - 20th c.

West Africa, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, Akan Cultures, Asante or more probably Baule peoples 19th-20th century. Exceptional pendant mask cast in the lost wax technique by Akan master goldsmiths. Finely detailed with skein twists of hair tightly woven to the hairline and around the outer perimeter. The lower section with a twisted gold with wide goatee or beard pierced and cast separately of the mask. Eyes are defined only by the raised brow and nose giving a shadow effect in natural lighting. The cheeks of the face with tattoo markings of the Cristian cross in raised detailing original to the casting. Remainer of the face is given a textured appearance, three loops to the top and one to either side as ears. Reverse the mask is deeply cast with the raised brow, eyes, and nose clearly visible.

XRF Inspection and Surface Test Reference #2744 (18.25k or 76.05% Au, 3.04% Ag, 5.81% Zn, 15.1% Cu). Weight of 33grams Note; Mask was not inspected with intrusive examination. Size 2" H x 1 5/8" W

Family collection of an esteemed diplomat and ambassador amassed during travel and work circa 1960-1990s in the medical field providing charitable advanced medical care throughout the African continent and internationally.