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Fantastic Nielloed Kindjal Kama Dagger & Belt Set, 19th C.

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Eastern Europe, Caucasus region, Georgia 19th C. Incredible condition complete set of a Caucasian Kinjal Kama dagger or short sword with repousse and engraved silver all over and further decorated in niello decoration. The handle wrapped to the grip in a brass carved series of bumps, the design in typical fashion with carving and decoration to all sides, the blade double edged in bright well preserved condition with three deep fuller full length to rear and with slighter depth to ricasso area on front all decorated in an interloping carved pattern. Scabbard homogenous and original decorated to the front side with an intricate silver filigree pattern of wide oval shapes similar to feathered patterns of so called Ottoman variants. To the base a matching pattern of carved decoration and florets, belt original and of the period signed with initials of makers mark with period replaced leather, nielloed and gilt buckles and hardware.

Kindjal known as a dagger has many variations of names of lore, in Georgia Khanjali, Dagestan Khanjali, Circassia Kama all to describe the same weapon that was first developed as in the 3rd century BC as an evolution of the Roman gladius. With time it became longer and narrower and at the height of it’s production and style had earned many ceremonial uses and even poems such as by the famous Alexander Pushkin titled "Kinzhal". Such lore and customs also included that when young couples were permitted to lie together a Kindjal would be placed between them and whoever attempted sexual activity would be put to death. 19 1/4" L, blade 12 3/4" L, belt 59" L

Pennsylvania arms collector, European arms collector prior

Condition: Exceptional example of extremely high quality and condition