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Exceptional Akan Gold " Nana " Ritual Ceremony Necklace, 14k-18k 99g

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West Africa, Ghana or Cote d’Ivoire, Akan royal or elder ancestor golden necklace with a large series of pendants including several large circular form pendants. More than a dozen smaller, and several unique examples including unusual geometric forms. The most unusual and high gold content a long slender tube talisman of four rounded sides, a book like pendant, mask with horns next to book, and an embossed triangular pendant.

Nana in Akan language refers to an Elder Ancestor or Grandparent known by an important social or official position of honor.

XRF Report # 2779 (14.45Kt)multiple scans reveal some 14k and 18th gold pendants others gilt heavily 99grams total

Family collection of an esteemed diplomat and ambassador amassed during travel and work circa 1960-1990s in the medical field providing charitable advanced medical care throughout the African continent and internationally.

Condition: 49 Individual pieces in total, 99grams total