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Borderlands Frontier Halberd, Italian circa 1590-1601, Onate Period

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Europe, Italy for the Spanish Colonial market, manufactured around 1600 during expansion into New Spain Oñate period (1590-1601), New Mexican, taken and used by the Pueblo Indians. The halberd features a large tall four sided central spike, concave face similar to the agape mouth of a fish or bird beak, rear downturned spike with an edge to the interior for cutting during retraction, pierced throughout with five punch holes, long shaft and leather at neck of shaft. Halberds were primarily used by soldiers as part of infantry units or palace guards. They were effective against both mounted and infantry opponents due to their combination of cutting, thrusting, and hooking capabilities. The axe blade could cut through armor or shields, while the hook could be used to trip opponents or pull them off their horses. Size overall 80" H, blade 8 3/4" L

Southwestern US Borderlands Collection

Condition: Overall good condition with wear commensurate with age.