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Complete Convex Hocking Knife Polearm with Hooked Lower Glaive, 16th-18th c.

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North America, Spanish Colonial for New Spain, New Mexico 16th-18th century. Convex hocking knife polearm with lower hocking hooked glaive. The polearm is slender light wood shaft. Excerpt from Southwestern Colonial ironwork by Marc Simmons and Frank Turley reads "The hocking knife or desjarretadera was mentioned in chapter III in connection with the Onate Expedition of 1598. Several Men with that part brought hocking knives up to the Rio Grande Valley, for such tools were favored by stock handlers." The tool was used to sever the hamstring of the cattle beef to be used to butchering. Naturally the weapon also saw use in practical self defense and as with all polearms enabled the inexperienced user to have a more comfortable and effective weapon. Size 76 1/4" H, blade 7 3/4" W, hook blade 4" L

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