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Rare Giant Sloth Skull, 150,000 years old

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Extremely rare, fossilized ground sloth skull. Also known as Megatherium – are an extinct genus of ground sloths endemic to South America that lived from the Early Pliocene through the end of the Pleistocene. I 1797 a few fossil bones were found in what was then Virginia – now known as West Virginia by Colonel Stuart and presented them to Thomas Jefferson, who had a huge fossil mammal collection, but he didn’t know what they were. Jefferson he told Lewis and Clark to find them to keep an eye for this animal but they found a dinosaur bone instead. It was named in 1825 by Harlan – ‘Megalonyx Jeffersonii’. This example has had approximately 25% restored mainly to the lower section, there are some original teeth to the upper jaw however the other teeth shown are not real. Examples such as these haven’t been seen in over 30 years and could likely be the only known example not in private hands. A very unique piece of history! Size 13.5” L x 12” H