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High Quality Composite Japanese Samurai Armor, Edo Period 1650-1800

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High quality composite suit of Japanese samurai armor, Edo Period circa 1650-1800. Studded helmet (HOSHI – BACHI KABUTO) c. 1750. Unsigned (MUMEI), Myochin school having 62 plates each plate set with 30 slender studs (HOSHI) and surmounted by an ornamental 4 step replacement socket (KIKUZA) to the opening at the top (TEHEN); replacement russet toned iron visor (MAYE – ZASHI) with brass (SHINCHU) brim; brass socket post (HARI – DATE) on front to accept missing family crest (MIADATE); ear wing pieces (FUKIGAYESHI) decorated with stenciled doeskin (SHOBUGAWA) missing family crest (MON); replacement ornamental ring on reverse (KASA – JIRUCHI – NO – KUWAN) used for attachment of a cord or badge; damage to crepe silk liner; 5 lame neck guard (SHIKORO) of dark lacquered iron plates, with some lacquer loss, held together with blue silk cord (ITO). Two-piece unsigned face guard (MEMPO) c. 1750 has removable nose (TENGU); dark lacquer applied to front with red lacquer on reverse, both show considerable loss to lacquer; mustache present missing some horsehair; 4 lame throat guard (YODAREKAKE) constructed of lacquered iron plates affixed with blue ito. Front and back corslet armor (DO) constructed of dark lacquered iron plates laced with blue ito; damage to side hinge opening (DO – MARU); damage to doeskin paper covered stippled liner; two piece lacquered iron banner socket (SAHIMONO – GANE) on reverse; thin doeskin cord signed: (SA TOSHI [YASU] ?). Brocade fabric apron (HAI – DATE) c. 1800 with mixed plates and chain mail showing oxidation to all metal and traces of original gold lacquer. Shoulder guards (KO –SODE) made with seven lacquered plates with blue ito. Sleeves (SODE) c. 1600 are matched set with brocade foundation with iron chrysanthemum (KIKU) plates and chain mail showing oxidation. Missing shin guards (SUNE-ATE) and foot guards (KOGAKE).

Note: All ito on do; hai-date; ko-sode; shikoro and yodorekaki are from newer restoration.

Includes 2 samurai suit boxes, suit 50" H, shoulders 12" W, helmet 10 " H x 13" L x 12 1/4" W. Larger box 28" H x 20" W, smaller 18" H x 15" W.

Condition: Condition Report Available upon request. Fabric and cotton showing wear and deterioration, lose to silk threads, other flaws.